Sunday, 18 February 2018

Brown's Hill has run it's course....

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

OH MY!!!!

It's crazy how time flies lately.  Not a lot of time has been spent in the garden as it's just so wet and cold, time to change my mindset I think.

We have had lots of sad times over the last few months, dealing with issues I never thought we would have to deal with so my beautiful family have taken precedence over everything else.  Things are beginning to look up and my attention is starting to stray back to our garden and living simply once again.

Earlier in the week I visited our local nursery and purchased 2 rhubarb crowns, something I had been meaning to do in years past, they went straight in the ground and I look forward to watching them grow.  I will be returning on the weekend to buy a few berry canes, I'm thinking raspberry and thornless blackberry.  I used to have some other berries but they were in the wrong location and I was always getting hooked up in them, I cracked it one day and ripped them out.

I planted a heap of old seed that I had sitting around and was patiently waiting to see if any would grow, most never got the chance as Chia (one of our hens) got into my patch and dug up all the uncovered beds.

I don't even have any photos to share at this time but will take some soon I promise.