Thursday, 16 March 2017


Last week I went to a workshop held by my lovely friend to learn about kombucha.  I have tried and failed in the past with my own so it was really helpful to see someone making it and giving lots of tips.  Well last night I got to pour off my yummy goodness into smaller bottles.  I made an apple/ginger and a plum.  I actually got a tummy bug a couple of days ago and was thinking how good this probiotic drink would be but it wasn't quite ready.  That's what I thought anyway until my kombucha guru said to open a bottle and drink some anyway, so this morning I tried the apple/ginger with soda water and is was delicious!  So excited to add such a healthy drink to my daily routine.

Some other things have been happening here on Brown's Hill, the vege patch has given us an abundance of zucchini, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes,  My spaghettti squash is nearly ready and I picked the bush beans I have been drying for seed today.

Gormet Delight

Cherokee Wax

Last week I also went foraging with a friend for blackberries and though it was a painful experience (one I remember from my teenage years) it was so worth it.  After we spent a few hours with the blackberries, we went and picked mulberries.  It was a huge day but I ended up with 14 jars each of blackberry and mulberry jam.

Monday, 27 February 2017


Early morning picking today as the weather heats up, lots of zucchini and cucumber, the last of the beans and some yummy tomatoes.

At this point in our lives I have had to make compromises, my aim for 2017 was to cut back significantly on waste particularly single use plastic.  Of course I am constantly thinking about this when I purchase anything but circumstances have changed in our little home and our usually strict budget has now become a lot stricter.

As I am the main accounts manager and shopping queen I now have to look at things a little differently.  For instance, today I needed some fresh produce for lunch and some cooking, there was some organic loose leaf lettuce mix going out for half price, bargain! except that it was wrapped in plastic.  I had to make a decision and I chose to buy it.  There are other things that I would normally not buy due to plastics but I now may have to if they are a lot cheaper than the plastic free variety.

My lunch today was a salad using organic lettuce mix (half price), spring onions (in season and on sale), home grown cucumber and tomatoes, a small amount of feta (on sale and I will use it 3 different meals), a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper.

We all have to make decisions, some more important than others, I'm not going back on my ideals but may just have to compromise here and there.  I intend on growing a lot more produce all year round to cut back on waste and of course keep up my cooking from scratch so that of course cuts down on a lot of waste.  If we all do a little bit, then we are making a difference.

For dinner tonight I thought I would use up some eggs from my girls and a couple of our zucchini. For the meat eaters in our home, curried sausages with rice and for me, zucchini slice.