Tuesday, 8 May 2012

8th MAY

The extra baking didn't happen yesterday so I made up for it today by baking 2 things.
Bread from scratch.

I make bread regularly but have never been truely happy with the texture of the bread made from pre-mixes in the breadmaker. Today I made it from scratch using Rhonda's recipe in Down To Earth. I used the breadmaker on the dough cycle to knead and rise the dough then I gave it a quick knead, let it rise again for about 10 minutes then baked it in the oven. YUMMO!!!!!! Everyone in the family is impressed and a lot happier with this bread.

I will practice the white loaf for a few more days then I would like to start baking lovely grainy loaves as that is what we are used to eating.

Honey Cookies from Mel @ One Crafty Mumma (sorry linking isn't working atm)

Delicious!!!! I will be making these again tomorrow for the kids. Thanks Mel for this recipe, I'm looking for some different snacks that don't have eggs in them as the chooks are having a little rest from laying these last couple of weeks.

To finish off this post I will leave you with a photo of sheets blowing in the wind on our line. This was a rare warm Autumn day and I wanted to make the most of it.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


So far so good.

4th May - I was out for most of the day so early in the morning I made pizza muffins for a school snack.
5th May - More banana, choc chip muffins today.
6th May - Muesli Squares, full of yummy fruits and seeds.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


After reading Kate's post over at Foxes Lane that she was making a granny square everyday in May, I decided to try and bake every day. I know I cook dinner every night, but I thought if I could get it in my head to bake snacks for the kids, bake bread and rolls etc. every day then I wouldn't be hunting for school snacks all of the time. I do make their snacks from scratch but certainly not every day and of course if we run out, the supermarket is around the corner where I tend to pick up pre-made snacks full of colourings and preservatives.

May 1st - banana & choc chip muffins
May 2nd - sausage rolls
May 3rd - milky way slice, not set very well:( The kids will still eat it, with a spoon.
I can't guarantee something different every day but I hope to bake something. Tomorrow will be a challenge as I start another job teaching quilting, but even if it's muffins again, I've still baked something.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


The basic muffin recipe in Rhonda's book is by far my ultimate go-to recipe. It makes light fluffy muffins every time and the kids just love them (hubby doesn't mind them too).
I've made them plain with a little vanilla extract, with banana, with choc chips, blueberries and the kids favourite, banana choc chip.
I do have a confession to make, before Rhonda's book I used to buy those cheapo homebrand cake and muffin mixes. You see I'm not very good at making this kind of stuff and it just seemed so convenient. Well, post Rhonda's book, I haven't bought any of those mixes and am feeling a lot more confident in my baking skills.
While we are on the subject of food, this is what we had for dinner tonight.
Golden Chicken, a recipe I pulled from a magazine years ago, with hokkien noodles, yummo!!!!!!