Sunday, 26 July 2009


I have always loved gardening especially growing fruits and vegetables. Even when I lived in a small flat I still had a vege garden. Now the kids grow the veges with me and they enjoy learning and having fun out in the garden.
I have changed my vege patch around alot over the years and we are finally building something that I will be totally happy with (until I get a better idea that is).
This first photo is the main built up bed that I grow my big crops in like tomatoes or corn. My asparagus and garlic also gow in this bed.

This barrel houses my herbs for cooking and drying.

These next beds are the brainwave of Darren. He works wih trucks and thought that 2 old tire guards bolted together to form a circle would make great raised beds. So far we only have 4 up and have another 5 to do, all in good time he keeps telling me.

A close up of my tiny broccoli heads minus the big, fat caterpillars I just picked off the leaves.

Raised bed with broccoli.

Beetroot and spinach happily growing

Lettuce and spinach just put in.

I grow most of my plants by seed that I get as organic seed or save my own.
Our new chook yard is next to my patch and I will hopefully have the fence up in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


I used to be a vegetarian, over time I started eating white meats I'm not quite sure why after all, be it chicken, fish whatever they are living breathing animals that are slaughtered for human consumption.

Over the last few weeks I have been starting to get the guilts over eating meat once again. Believe me, I am not trying to give anyone else the guilts, this is my personal preference and I am simply blogging about the choices I am making.

So last week I woke up and made the decision to not eat meat anymore, I am still eating cheese and eggs and drinking milk, I am not consuming and parts of dead animals eg, geletin (made from cows hoofs).

I am loving revisiting my old vegetarian cookbooks and trying lots of yummy new dishes. My family is not so keen and that's okay, I can't force my choice onto anyone else, so I will still have to buy, cook and serve meat but I will be buying less and making sure that their plates are 2/3 full with meatless products (sneaky aren't I)

I will let you know how my journey goes and will post some yummy vegetarian recipes for you to hopefully try.