Sunday, 30 December 2012


Sophie and I did a second picking of apricots I can't quite believe that not only did we plant this tree 2 years ago but last year we were so happy to get 10 apricots from it.   This year there are hundreds, we are in apricot heaven!

We quickly gifted some still warm jam to neighbours and then made up some more rhubarb jam with the stalks my sister gave me this week.

Last night I refreshed my memory on what I could do with the glut and today the dehydrator will come out for fruit leathers and dried apricots, I will also cook some apricot pulp to pop in the freezer for pies in winter.

I'm so happy to have such a thriving tree in our front yard.

(there are still heaps on the tree that should be ripe in another week or so).

Saturday, 29 December 2012


We spent the morning of Christmas Eve over at my parent's home.   We wouldn't be seeing them on Christmas day so we opened presents and spent time chatting and laughing.

That night for dinner we had our own little Christmas Eve tradition with a lovely meal, an opening of 1 present and of course our silly photos.

So that was our Christmas Eve, the day after was pretty good too.

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Some are a little green still but the birds were having a field day and if I didn't pick the ones up high soon, there wouldn't be any left.

In a few more days I will have a heap more.  Time for pies and jam, yummo!!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012



1 kg chopped rhubarb
1 kg sugar
1 cap full of vanilla essence
Juice of one lemon.

Mix everything together and let sit covered for 5-6 hours.
Cook, stirring for 25-45 mins until setting point.
Pour into warm sterilised jars.

So easy and perfect for a quick Chrissy gift.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


It's been a long time coming but finally Mt Gambier has it's own weekly Farmer's Market.

Last week was the first one but due to birthday parties it was near to impossible for me to get down there.   After I dropped Dan off at work this morning, I headed straight down to get some yummy produce.

I came home with a cos lettuce, bunch of spring onions, leek and rhubarb.   Then how could I go past Kalangadoo Organics delicious apple juice and Nolan's Road chickpeas and olive oil.

The rhubarb has already being made into rhubarb jam as I type.   The leek is about to become leek and potato soup and the chickpeas are soaking for some delicious hommus.

If you live in Mt Gambier or the surrounding area, please come down and support this important market.  The stall holders are lovely, I came home with cooking and growing tips and it's just a lovely way to spend time on a Saturday morning.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Pete is my new sparring partner and he's pretty damn cool.   I'm so happy to have him in my life and I've got to say that I'm more than happy to beat the crap out of him too LOL.

I've been missing my karate and kickboxing days and I think Pete might just cure me of that and the great thing, he doesn't hit back.

I'm off to beat up Pete.

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Yesterday I made spaghetti in the slow cooker, I do this often but this time I swapped the mince with a meat and soy free alternative, Quorn mince.

Dan is my fussy one and you can't get much past him, he asked what was different but the others didn't even notice.   They are all none the wiser as I would like to continue making spaghetti this way so I get to eat it too.

It was lunch for the very busy cricketers in the family and I decided on some nice fresh wraps to satisfy them on this hot (for us) day.

Now that everyone is happy, I'm going to spend some time on my craft.
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Monday, 12 November 2012


The poor old tramp barely gets used and I'm sure I could find a use for the frame out in the garden, but for now the kids still have their moments with trampoline basketball so it stays.

Today I pulled the garlic and what a crop!!!   I'm so excited as I haven't had a decent crop for about 4 years.   This year I went to our local organic store and purchased some bulbs and they have given me a big beautiful crop all ready to plait tomorrow after a little drying out on the trampoline.

What a lovely sight (oh hello Heidi)
Well I'm off to watch you-tube on plaiting garlic.  I've never had enough to plait before.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


While I was in Adelaide last week the chooks got out of their yard while Darren was at work and decided that my vege patch was fair game.   Usually they walk right past the raised beds and on to the front yard, but not that day.   I lost all of my seedling I had grown from seed including tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni and pumpkins.  They left the carrots alone and stomped all over my garlic which now looks a little flat but everything else is gone.   Oh, then they took a liking to my herb garden and dug up all of my newly planted plants and some perpetual spinach I had growing as well. Sigh.....

So here is a peek at what our front yard is looking like.
Our passionfruit is flowering for the first time this year.
Our apricot tree is loaded this year.


It's been a little while, I was in need of a bit of a bloggy break but after typing up a post about giving up on blogging this morning, I quickly deleted it after I realised I still really want to blog.

Last week I took these two to Adelaide for Lachie to compete in SAPSASA cricket. 

It was a huge week that will be repeated in 2 weeks for Country Cup cricket.  Lachie did so well and we couldn't be prouder, I can't wait to print photos and scrapbook the week.   The Lower South East team came 4th out of 8 in the finals, they all worked really well as a team and had heaps of fun.

Congratulations boys, I can't wait for next year's carnival.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Lachie got into another cricket squad to play in Adelaide, Country Cup, this is the one he played in late last year.  So that means 2 weeks in Adelaide coming up shortly.

I changed gyms, Jetts just wasn't providing me with what I needed to be motivated so I'm now at a local gym, Squashbrook. For just a couple $$$ more a week I now get group fitness, a pool, sauna and spa as well as everything cardio and weights and my favourite, boxing.   As an ex fitness instructor I have really missed group fitness, I know it's not for everyone but it keeps me motivated and really enjoying a variety of exercise.

I started on Monday and this is what I've done so far:

Monday: Combat
Tuesday: Balance
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Sh'bam
Friday: Pump

Oh it's good to be back.

In other news, guess who I'm going to see in July 2013, yay!!!!! After going to her last tour there is no way I'm missing out.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I patiently wait all year for this moment

Gosh it was good.

Monday, 24 September 2012


:: school holidays
:: being diet coke free
:: learning more and experimenting about clean eating
:: being back at the gym
:: reaping rewards of our vege patch
:: smiling about Lachie being selected for SAPSASA cricket in    Adelaide next month
:: making yoghurt with our new maker

What are you enjoying at the moment?

Thursday, 13 September 2012


...and finishing off what's in the cupboard.


Monday, 3 September 2012


I am overweight!!   There I said it and I'm not happy about it. 

The funny thing about me is that every morning I wake up thinking "this is it, I'm not eating crap anymore" then by 3pm it all goes pear shaped and I give in.   My addiction to Diet Coke came back in a huge way over the last 6 months, that and chocolate, chips and anything else snacky, sugary and crappy.

Darren is on a holiday in Darwin visiting a friend and I've made the decision that this can not go on.  While he's away I'm getting my head right without him enabling me, I'm off the poison (Diet Coke) and snacks are nuts, fruits and if I really want something sweet, a mint chocolate made from cacao, it's delicious.   So while I'm being brave, here are shots of me taken last week and at my heaviest in 11 years.
Clean eating (as mentioned in an earlier post) is how I am tackling this along with the exercise I love, running, yoga and boxing.   I have given up going to the gym as I have been far to bored there to push myself.   I will post more on the foods I am eating and some recipes, my goal is to loose 10kg and I have to do it now as I've just really put myself out there.

I know some people aren't fussed with weight but I do believe that in order to be happy, healthy in mind and body and to live a long life then a certain weight should be maintained. It's so easy to let it all go especially now I'm in my 40's so I've had a big mind shift and focus and I know it will pay off soon.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Today was a perfect Spring day. I spent some time out in the patch weeding, picking and pulling up veges including 1 small carrot that came up with the weeds. It didn't last long, Sophie gobbled it up as soon as she saw it.
Something else that made me smile today was this find.
How could I resist.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


My children have given me plenty to be proud of and these last 2 weeks have been no exception.

Sophie had her tap and ballet exams, she was amazing. Her tap results came back and she was highly commended, we won't see the ballet results for a while yet.

Lachie finished his under 12 footy season by playing a couple of curtain raisers. He was picked to play in the combined Mt Gambier team and was also named captain of that team. He played another match right after with the West Gambier team, they won with a nail-biting finish.

On Sunday Lachie was picked to play in the grand final curtain raiser, once again did an awesome job.

Now on to Dan. Congratulations to the under 16 West Gambier Roos!!!! I am so proud of all of the boys, what an achievement, two premierships in 3 years. I am bursting with pride more so of how Dan conducted himself over the weekend, I won't go into details but his attitude certainly taught me a couple of things.