Saturday, 13 June 2009


Breakfast is a bit of a contentious issue in this household. DH has never had breakfast, he just gets dressed for work and goes, and surprise surprise, he's hungry by mid morning!
I have always had breakfast and no matter how small, the kids eat breakfast also. Why? Because I believe it jump starts your body, your brain, and sustains you until your next meal.
Over the last week, I have put DH on a calorie controlled diet, I am responsible for his meals so therefore am making him have breakfast every day. He's not complaining, well apart from the fact that he has to get up 10 minutes earlier to eat the breakfast that is.
It is sustaining him until lunch and I have finally proven my point.

So what do I eat for breakfast? Believe it or not I eat the same breakfast nearly every morning and never get sick of it, it's a smoothie made from 1 banana, 1/2 cup of blueberries (sometimes I use mixed berries) and 1/2 cup of Pura lite-start milk. Wizz it all together and there you have it, a healthy, nutritious breakfast that definately does not leave me hungry mid-morning.

What are your breakfast habbits? Leave me a comment, I would love to know.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


So I wonder how many people are interested in this blog? I mean, health and fitness are my passion but I'm not so sure that too many people feel that way.
Let me tell you about my day....
I have been fighting the flu for the last week, something I don't usually get. I have been running and running for the last couple of months and I know that I have been stressed and not looking out for myself. I'm now working 2 jobs again, although part time, I do feel that I have taken on a bit too much. The flu has made me slow down, my body needed it and it's definitely time to get a little more organised and find some time just for me.
Today I went to our karate tournament, I did not participate in this one as I've found it hard to get to training this term with the extra work and all. I watched the senior girls fight full contact , no gloves and thought "thank god I'm not fighting" It was not the reaction I was after, I wanted to be thinking "I wish I was out there giving it a go". Now I am in two minds about even going back. You see all of the other senior girls are about 15 years younger than me, scary isn't it? I don't think of myself as old and I certainly give as much as I take but I am noticing the injuries and the time they take to heal and I'm starting to wonder if it's all worth it.
I will sleep on it and hopefully when I get up tomorrow and do my skipping, boxing and punching bag workout I might have a little more focus as to what I want in regards to my karate.