Tuesday, 28 August 2012


My children have given me plenty to be proud of and these last 2 weeks have been no exception.

Sophie had her tap and ballet exams, she was amazing. Her tap results came back and she was highly commended, we won't see the ballet results for a while yet.

Lachie finished his under 12 footy season by playing a couple of curtain raisers. He was picked to play in the combined Mt Gambier team and was also named captain of that team. He played another match right after with the West Gambier team, they won with a nail-biting finish.

On Sunday Lachie was picked to play in the grand final curtain raiser, once again did an awesome job.

Now on to Dan. Congratulations to the under 16 West Gambier Roos!!!! I am so proud of all of the boys, what an achievement, two premierships in 3 years. I am bursting with pride more so of how Dan conducted himself over the weekend, I won't go into details but his attitude certainly taught me a couple of things.

Friday, 24 August 2012


Oh my I've been so busy finding out what my ideal 'diet' should look like that I've forgotten to post anything.

Lets start with clean eating and what I think that should include:

whole grains
eggs - free range from our chickens
vegetables - raw & cooked
nuts & seeds
white meat - free range
dairy - preferably raw

Where possible, organic for all of the above.

What clean eating does not include:

basically anything in the centre of a supermarket or in a package.

I've researched the Paleo (caveman diet) but while I will use their recipes, this 'diet' is not for me.  Paleo cuts out all grains and dairy, I feel these foods are important for my overall health.  A key focus to Paleo is red meat which is something I don't eat, I rarely eat white meat only when it's free range, organic or Darren has caught fish.

I have found a couple of really good free ebooks for my Kindle and I am now busy bookmarking recipes to try out. (stay tuned)

Clean eating makes sense to me, something we all should consider.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I'm not really up with all of the gadgets that are available now days. I still have a mobile phone that is just a phone, I don't own a touch ipod, an ipad or anything else 'i' but something that has caught my attention on a few occasions is a Kindle.

When Big W opened down here last week they had a special on Kindles and I decided to buy one.

My main reason to purchase a Kindle is simply that I have no more room for books!!!   The bookshelf and storage boxes are full and I love to read.  I borrow what I can from the library or from friends but usually I have to buy what I want to read. 

I took my Kindle to bed last night for my nightly read, it was so easy to hold while lying on my side and the screen is wonderful, no sore eyes and no glare.

What was my first book purchased?   The dirty life by Kristin Kimball.  I'm loving it so far, a great read and funny too.

So there you go, I finally own something with a touch screen that's very useful to me.

I'm a happy girl.

Monday, 13 August 2012


On Saturday I visited our local organic shop, Ecologie Organics specifically to buy a couple of alternatives for cleaning.

I bought another bag of soap nuts for the washing machine as I've misplaced my last bag. I also intend on purchasing more to use for liquid soap and pet shampoo. These little beauties are amazing, you can make lots of different products with them and I look forward to trying them out.

I also purchased a vegetable scrubber made from renewable bamboo and natural & recycled bristles. This brush works a treat on Jerusalem artichokes.

Last but not least, a scrub pad for the dishes that is biodegradable and compostable and made from natural coconut fibres. I intend to buy another for the bathroom to use with my bi-carb and vinegar as we have hard water where I live and it's sometimes quite difficult to remove.

So that was my little shopping spree, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

This boy's U16 football team easily won their preliminary final and play the semi final next sunday. Go Roos!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012


It's cold out today and there wasn't a lot of people at the swap but still plenty of produce.

I cut up the last of our pumpkins and took 5 big chunks to the swap as well as 3 dozen eggs and a couple of herb bunches.

I came home with quite a variety.

small sugarloaf cabbage
1/2 red cabbage
jerusalem artichokes

...and to plant...
flat leaf parsley
cluster onions
7 year beans + tubers (very excited about these)

After the swap, I caught up with Sandra from Down To Earth and Claire for a chat and a cuppa.  what a lovely way to spend a wintery morning
I will be spending some time today pressure cooking up casseroles to use up the root vegetables.

What will you be doing this weekend?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


........and better.

The juicing was interesting.   I would like to give it another go soon but with about half of the amount,  boy that was a lot to take in!

I'll be back posting shortly.