Monday, 21 July 2014

5 WEEKS AGO.....

4 gorgeous girls came to live with us, today one of them started crowing!  Our girl named Cyril (thanks to Lachie) is definitely not a girl.  I contacted my friend who I bought them from and she told me to bring Cyril back and get another girl.

This is Cyril last week, she flies straight up like a rocket with Chia every morning to the top of our tree and sits up there overlooking everyone.

Welcome Cyril Jnr, she is gorgeous.  Cyril Jnr is a Barnvelder x Gold Laced Wyandotte

Cyril Jnr was one of the girls I wanted the first time round but we couldn't catch her, so glad she decided to come home with us this time.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


It's school holidays here so we have been very busy with dance Eisteddfod for Sophie and with the kids social lives.

Sophie made some yummy treats, cinnamon flatbread and a lemon slice.

Lachie made pancakes.

Busy baking snacks for the holidays.

Banana choc chip muffins and pasties.