Monday, 6 June 2011


Sophie had a disco at her dance studio. She took her good friend Faith along with her as while she is friendly with everyone in her dance classes, she doesn't really have much to do with them as most go to different schools to her. So Faith came to keep her happy and to have a dance partner. I got to see the last hour after the market finished, they all were having so much fun.
Sophie now has 2 dance exams coming up as on Saturday she was asked to do her tap exam as well as her ballet, she is very excited about this.

The boys were at the footy for most of the day, both played exeptionally well I hear and Dan got one of the best player awards.

Speaking of Dan, he is home today with an infection in his throat where his tonsils used to be.
He has only 2 more dentist appointments to go (one is tomorrow) and his front tooth from the cricket ball accident will finally be fixed.
So to get you up to speed, 8 appointments with the first three trying to determine if the tooth was still viable by way of pulse tests and dry ice, a root canal, 3 re-packing of tooth, 4 x-rays and tomorrow bleaching, then next week final packing and sealing of the tooth. Dan's dentist has been awesome, it's like going to a comedy hour each visit, I have to admit I will miss the laughs when this is all over.

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