Saturday, 24 November 2012


Yesterday I made spaghetti in the slow cooker, I do this often but this time I swapped the mince with a meat and soy free alternative, Quorn mince.

Dan is my fussy one and you can't get much past him, he asked what was different but the others didn't even notice.   They are all none the wiser as I would like to continue making spaghetti this way so I get to eat it too.

It was lunch for the very busy cricketers in the family and I decided on some nice fresh wraps to satisfy them on this hot (for us) day.

Now that everyone is happy, I'm going to spend some time on my craft.
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. Rose it's made with Mycoprotein, a similar fungi to morrels and truffles.
    I've thought about using it a few times but was always put off as it's processed. However finding suitable protein sources that are soy free and not made from 100 different chemicals/products is difficult. I know Sue (Coffeee) has used it before and was pleased with the results.
    Think I'll give it a try this week. Thanks for sharing this Sue :)


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