Friday, 13 June 2014


This month I decided it was high time the chook house had a reno.  After 3 days of shoveling to get the floor dug down and level, carting dirt to the raised beds in buckets, laying the slate that has been sitting around for 15 years and making some new nesting beds, the job was done...

...and all ready to bring home some new girls to be with our old girls.  Our old girls are Isa Browns, they have been slowly dropping off the perch and we are now down to 2, they are 8 years old and we still get eggs!

Today I picked up 4 new girls from Taryn, a friend who breeds the most gorgeous birds.

Up the back is Chia, the lovely lady in the front is yet to be named by Sophie.  These two are Anconas.

Sophie named this gorgeous Rhode Island Red Rosie, she's a little shy and cute.

This is Cyril (Lachie named her) she's a fast one and is a Rhode Island Red cross.

These ladies should be ready to lay when the days get longer and warmer, around 6 -8 weeks time.

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