Saturday, 23 August 2014


Gosh I can't quite believe I haven't posted for so long.  I have to say not a lot has happened during this cold winter month but now it's starting to get lighter, two of the chooks have started laying.  I'm so happy to have fresh eggs again, Chia and Cyril jnr have begun laying and keeping us stocked.

These eggs are Chia's, Cyril jnr's eggs are a lovely deep brown.

We had a very chilly day at the start of August, boy that wind was straight from the Artic!

I've cooked lot of yummy, nourishing food.

and I spent time out in the veg patch preparing for Spring planting.  Lots of weeding, mulching and adding manure and Seasol to the mix.  The worms are loving it and I can't wait to begin planting again.

Some other exciting news is that my friend Taryn (chook lady) is taking over a market garden in town at the end of September and has asked for help a day a week in exchange for a box of fresh veg.  There's so much I can't grow here due to space so I will be happily helping out and can't wait.

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