Thursday, 26 March 2015

doTerra Essential Oils

Three weeks ago I became a doTerra Wellness Advocate.  After spending quite a considerable amount of time sourcing therapeutic grade essential oils, I took the plunge and signed up with doTerra.

When I received my first order of oils the first thing I did was open them up and smell.  Oh the smell, Absolutely devine!  I compared the aromas with other oils from different companies that I already owned and the difference was remarkable, I have since thrown out the other oils as there really is no comparison.

My love for essential oils and aromatherapy began 20 years ago and has been renewed with passion thanks to these beautiful oils.

doTerra (link to my doTerra web page, feel free to take a look).

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


A day off work today and it started with a nagging headache, thank goodness I had my trusty peppermint essential oil, just a dab on both temples and within seconds my headache was gone.

Out came the sewing machine to whip up a pile of cleaning cloths.  My last pile had dwindled to next to nothing and as I had some flannelette sitting around, it took no time at all to cut some squares and sew them together.

The fairies basket is for the laundry/bathroom and the butterflies for the kitchen.

It feels like soup weather and some chicken noodle soup seems just right at the moment.  Using local organic produce, a few chicken legs from the freezer, homemade vegetable stock and rice noodles, this soup is delicious and nourishing.  I know what I'm have for tea tonight.

I am also re-visiting a great book and making bread with this method.  I don't know why I stopped making bread this way as it's so quick and easy.  Tonight we will use some of the dough for pizza bases as everyone agreed it's time to fire up the pizza oven.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Oh my it's been so busy since I was last on this blog, I've missed it but have also lost my way a little with self reliance.  I now work 3 part-time jobs and with all the added sports travel I do for son No.2, I have to admit have fallen into more of a BLEH state of mind.

Our healthy clean eating plan has suffered, making household items and food from scratch has suffered and financially we have suffered due to this.  It makes me sad for what I have just let go over the last 6 months but now I'm back on track and determined to live a simple, healthy, productive lifestyle once again.

Of course as the seasons change, we change and life does get busier for some.  Financially it made sense for me to take on more work outside of the home, son No.1 finished year 12 last year and turned 18 last month, we lost quite a bit of financial support with this happening but he still lives at home so the expenses are certainly still there.  I'm not complaining, I'm grateful that we live in a country that supports families financially and now with all 3 kids getting older, I am able to work a little more to help support our family.

So I'm happy to be back on this blog and sharing how I go about making our lives simpler, cleaner and environmentally friendlier.