Monday, 6 February 2017


With hubby on holidays, it was the perfect time to get out in the garden this morning and do quite a bit of cutting back of trees.  A big job but it had to be done.

This afternoon saw me in the kitchen.  This year has not started well for our family and we are finding ourselves only just getting by financially at the moment.  What a perfect time to get back to basics and make a true effort of cooking from scratch as well as cutting back in other areas.

Today I made;
Sponge Cupcakes
Chicken and beef sausage rolls
Cheesymite rolls
Bacon and cheese rolls

With an abundance of eggs from our girls, it was good to use quite a few up today.


  1. wow your food looks delicious Sue!! Wendy x

  2. You are on a roll Sue!

    Lots of deliciousness right here in this post!

    Cooking from scratch is one sure way to save money and be healthy. I love back to basics recipes just like the ones I grew up with, and that is what I am concentrating on this year. Food with basic ingredients and full of taste, yum!



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