Saturday, 14 November 2009


Ever since some major teeth problems about 6 weeks ago I have lost my motivation for my fitness. I admit I have been in a lot of pain and on drugs that my body has not tolerated so I have had some excuse I guess.
Not any more though, the problems are pretty much fixed and with the warmer weather we are having I really noticed some not so toned areas that until recently have been covered up hmmmmm.
So tonight I will be writing up a new weights and kickboxing program and at 6am tomorrow morning I will begin. Running up my mountain this time of year is out due to the huge number of brown snakes up there and as I don't take my phone and I run alone it really isn't such a great idea.
I haven't been to karate for 3 weeks, I'm still in two minds about continuing I just wish I could make up my mind once and for all.
So while I procrastinate I will be getting fit again at home.
Have a great weekend


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you're doing something, which is fantastic!

    There's nothing worse than having to be careful in snake season though, is there?

  2. are there any other places you can run?
    great that you have no more teeth problems.
    I have SO many areas that have lost their firmness. where to start...
    oh crap.

  3. and thanks for dropping by my blog. Maybe that's why Wilma was acting up?!


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