Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I have missed having chookies so much, now I have 6 more and here they are in all of their sweetness.

They are Isa Brown pullets, 12 weeks old so it will be a little while before we see some eggs. The kids will be very excited when they get home from school today.

Here is our chook pen, the shed is our original chook shed, we cleared it out, redbacks and all, over the weekend then re-built the fence. The chickens will have free run of part of our backyard when I build a temporary fence around some areas that I'd rather not have them in.
As you can see we are yet to built a gate at the back of the yard, that will be next weekend's project I hope.

This yard looks quite small in the photos, but there is also a run down the side of our garage full of snails, slugs and numerous other creepy crawlies. I am worried about our blue tongue lizard family that happen to live under all of the ivy etc in the yard. Sadly, I think they will move on now, we will really miss them it they do, I will let you know if they stay around or not.


  1. We got chooks today too Sue! We only got 2 tho' cos our chook house is quite small. Are planning extensions tho' so might get some more another time. Hopefully 2 will (eventually) keep us in eggs. I don't do much baking so shouldn't be a problem!!

  2. Oh, we're getting chooks soon, you've made me even more excited about it!


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