Sunday, 27 June 2010


in the garden. There's not a lot to show. The broccoli, carrots and peas are doing fine as are the beans in the hot house.
I picked the last of the spaghetti squash and a batch of beetroot today.

I also planted out heaps of garlic, hopefully I can get them to grow this year as last year they all rotted.
So with winter well and truely upon us, my patch has slowed down, too bad the weeds won't do the same. lol


  1. Sue I'm reading a book about Greece where the weeds are sauteed to accompany the main slow-cooked dish. Were we so brave!

  2. Sue, I am on the verge of planting my winter squash. It's nice to visit you for a change of pace. I am completely worn out and we're not even half-way through the growing season. But I'm enjoying every minute of it. I find myself daydreaming of those easy winter days curled up by the fireside with a good book in hand. I hope you're able to slow down and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. : ) Melissa


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