Saturday, 3 July 2010


I read a post on a blog the other day that really got me thinking. It was one woman's account about how her little girl WILL be going to university and get a degree while it didn't really matter to her if her son went or not. In my eyes she was saying that her little girl would not become anything if she didn't have a degree. She also pointed out that should her girl's marriage fail in years to come with a degree she could get a good job and be able to support her family.


After reading this long post, I decided I no longer wanted to read her blog anymore. Am I worthless because I didn't even finish year 12? I don't think so. I have always worked hard and had good jobs and most importantly of all I have loved and looked after my husband and our children with all of my heart. I certainly don't need a university degree to go and get a job should I need one and quite frankly, providing my children are happy in what they do when they grow up, I'm not fussed at where they finish their education or what job they choose to do.

For my chldren to even consider a university degree, I would have to go to work full time to pay for them to live 500km away, I would of course do that but being realistic, I'm not so sure we could do it even with that. hmmm, maybe I should have gone to uni to have the high paid, stress job to pay for that.

I am too busy enjoying my kids as kids and haven't really given any thought to what they will do when they finish school, call me naive but I really don't care. Yes I want them to work and enjoy their work, maybe a trade might interest them, who knows but I certainly will not say that they WILL go to university. Don't teenagers deserve a choice in what they will do?

I don't think my children will grow up thinking I was worthless because I stayed at home with them through their childhood. Even when they are grown up, I'm not so sure I will work outside the home, maybe voluntary work, who knows.

Sorry for the rant, I'm not asking people to agree with me on this, everyone does have their own opinion and should also have choice.


  1. I feel sorry for the little girl! Heaven help her if she isn't "University" material!

  2. I have 4 children and 2 went to universities and one to a community college and one didn't go..all are doing great..I taught them to soar in what ever path they took..I feel sorry for the ones who are made to go..Lisa

  3. Sue,
    What a great post!! I feel sorry for that girl, what a thing for a parent to say.
    My daughter graduates from high school in 2 years and she plans to go to college. She knows exactly what she wants to do and how to get there. I will be proud of her no matter what she decides to do, and there has never been any pressure from me to choose this route.
    Shame on that woman.

  4. I agree with your comments. I think that kids should be kids first. Childhood is getting shorter and shorter.

  5. WOW is the the right word!!!! How can people be so blinded by so called 'success' I'm with you sue, like you as you know grew up with a SAHM and I know she was proud of what I've become. I will never ever push my children into athe direction I think they should go ( unless the VERY wrong kind of direction) I will continue to support and be proud of my little munchkins no maatter what they choose as long as they are happy. Some people just blow me away!!

  6. Hi Sue, Interesting post. I have stopped following someone on twitter recently because of something they admitted was insensitive but said anyway, it was not in line with my views. I can only assume that the woman who posted that has some issues relating to giving things up and then being abandoned. My kids are too small for me to even start thinking about that kind of stuff with any degree of seriousness.

  7. Hello Sue,

    I would have to read the article personally and see how I would see it in my eyes. At this moment, it makes me think that the woman herself must be going through something similar to what she is imagining might happen to her daughter, and she feels she has no way to make it on her own, and if she only had a degree, then she might be able to be financially independent and not have to rely on a partner that she no longer wants to be with. It's hard to read the tone of someone on the internet. I hope she is able to find some inner strength and confidence in herself and her children. A lot of things can happen in our lives to make us change our views.

    Society makes us believe a lot of false truths.

    I am sure your own children will find wonderful things in life, as they have an amazing woman for a mother to be their role model. forget that you didn't finish high school, you are constantly learning and growing, and as you know, you are one of my heroes.


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