Wednesday, 14 July 2010


We have been having a great time these school holidays, being winter, we've had to entertain ourselves mostly indoors but there's been very few fights and lots of laughs.
I was given 2 bags of apples and 2 of lemons during the week, so today we all peeled, cut, stewed and froze the apples all ready for apple pies.

Tomorrow I will make lemon curd.

I spent a day cleaning up the kid's rooms. Boy what a mess they had gotten into. It's amazing what you find under those beds when you haven't looked under them for a while. Used bandaids and tissues, broken toys, an old apple (all squishy), socks and undies ewwwww. Boys can be gross sometimes.
Here is the after shot of the boys's room.

Sophie's room was better, we just had to get rid of lots of stuff.

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  1. I recently cleaned out my kids rooms... so I know just how much work is involved. Nice work! Your daughter's room is adoreable. Glad to hear you all are having fun on your holiday! : ) Melissa


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