Sunday, 19 September 2010


fruit roll-ups/leathers are finished, here they are dried and cut, ready to be rolled.

Some yummy jam and cream buns made fresh today.

Everything is growing so fast including the weeds!!!!

and more peas threatening to overtake the broccoli

carrots we are harvesting now

tomatoes happily growing in the hot-house

beetroot is nearly ready to harvest

asparagus has finally forgiven me for shifting it

and the almond and apricot trees are flowering

here's some spring flowers that are popping up all around the yard

last but not least....
the largest egg we have ever received from our girls and the smallest. Hmmm go figure.


  1. Wow Sue, everything looks wonderful, especially that cream bun....:)

  2. Your garden is doing well Sue. I don't think I've eaten a cream bun since I was a teenager -- and that's got to be at least ten years ago. ;-)

  3. Things are looking good at your place. That is one big egg.

  4. Your rolls made me hungry and I just ate! We finished up a batch Saturday and I need to make another batch...white and maybe wheat. I like them LOTS!!
    Great garden. Ours is finishing up and no pumpkins survived, 1 melon still trying to get done, still tomatoes, sent some with Peppers back to college with child #1 yesterday.


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