Thursday, 12 April 2012


This week my friend Julie and I joined the Biggest Loser Club in an effort to tone up and lose a bit of weight. I really want to lose 10kg that never seems to shift and doing something like this with a friend (and sounding board) makes it a little easier I think. The online program I have chosen is as follows: 3 month Rapid Weight Loss program. Exercise: At Home - walk & toned advanced. Menu: The Biggest Loser Express. As much as I would love to re-join at Jetts, for the moment I will try the at home program to save money. After spending some time pulling out weights, DVDs, yoga gear etc from various hiding places around our home, all of my equipment is now in one spot under my overlocker table.
Day 2 is going well, I'm a little hungry right now but am avoiding temptation. I really wish the kids would hurry up and eat the left over chocolate from Easter.


  1. You hide that 10kg very well Sue!

  2. I lost 10kg last year on the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. I didn't pay the money, just followed her page on face book and bought her books that are full of information and a great guide... Good luck Sue, I know of others that have had success on the BL program.



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