Thursday, 3 May 2012


After reading Kate's post over at Foxes Lane that she was making a granny square everyday in May, I decided to try and bake every day. I know I cook dinner every night, but I thought if I could get it in my head to bake snacks for the kids, bake bread and rolls etc. every day then I wouldn't be hunting for school snacks all of the time. I do make their snacks from scratch but certainly not every day and of course if we run out, the supermarket is around the corner where I tend to pick up pre-made snacks full of colourings and preservatives.

May 1st - banana & choc chip muffins
May 2nd - sausage rolls
May 3rd - milky way slice, not set very well:( The kids will still eat it, with a spoon.
I can't guarantee something different every day but I hope to bake something. Tomorrow will be a challenge as I start another job teaching quilting, but even if it's muffins again, I've still baked something.


  1. Ooh, stop teasing me with those sausage rolls - they look sooo good!


  2. Great idea Sue! The kids will love it too I bet!



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