Tuesday, 1 May 2012


The basic muffin recipe in Rhonda's book is by far my ultimate go-to recipe. It makes light fluffy muffins every time and the kids just love them (hubby doesn't mind them too).
I've made them plain with a little vanilla extract, with banana, with choc chips, blueberries and the kids favourite, banana choc chip.
I do have a confession to make, before Rhonda's book I used to buy those cheapo homebrand cake and muffin mixes. You see I'm not very good at making this kind of stuff and it just seemed so convenient. Well, post Rhonda's book, I haven't bought any of those mixes and am feeling a lot more confident in my baking skills.
While we are on the subject of food, this is what we had for dinner tonight.
Golden Chicken, a recipe I pulled from a magazine years ago, with hokkien noodles, yummo!!!!!!


  1. Oh they both look nice Sue! I made the muffins this morning and they were indeed very tasty. I will definitely try them again with a different filling next time just for variety, I used choc chip this time around :)

  2. I have always made packet muffins because my from scratch ones always seem to turn out like grenades!
    I will try these soon (I have a squishy banana frozen for such a purpose)! I have enjoyed Rhonda's book so far - made her bread, stew and have mastered knitting the waffle weave dishcloths (yay, me!).


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