Sunday, 24 June 2012


On Friday we packed up Gertie Mae and left town for Pt Fairy.

Before we left Dan needed another appointment with the doctor for his 2 inner ear infections, hopefully they will clear up soon. Dan didn't get to come with us on Friday, Darren's parents brought him over Saturday afternoon after he finished work.

Back to Pt Fairy, it was so nice to get away, funny how travelling 1 1/2 hours feels like a world away. The weather was pretty good for winter and we enjoyed every moment of our mini break.

On Saturday morning Sophie and I went to Warrnambool to visit my lovely cousin Janelle and her family, she's having her 3rd baby next month so I will be back for cuddles.

Of course we picked the weekend to visit when they were moving into their beautiful new home, it truely is gorgeous and you should see Janelle's attic craft room (to die for).

We stopped at the local market.


Darren took the kids fishing.

I crocheted.

We walked.

Collected shells.

Laughed a lot.

And before we knew it, it was over.

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