Monday, 3 September 2012


I am overweight!!   There I said it and I'm not happy about it. 

The funny thing about me is that every morning I wake up thinking "this is it, I'm not eating crap anymore" then by 3pm it all goes pear shaped and I give in.   My addiction to Diet Coke came back in a huge way over the last 6 months, that and chocolate, chips and anything else snacky, sugary and crappy.

Darren is on a holiday in Darwin visiting a friend and I've made the decision that this can not go on.  While he's away I'm getting my head right without him enabling me, I'm off the poison (Diet Coke) and snacks are nuts, fruits and if I really want something sweet, a mint chocolate made from cacao, it's delicious.   So while I'm being brave, here are shots of me taken last week and at my heaviest in 11 years.
Clean eating (as mentioned in an earlier post) is how I am tackling this along with the exercise I love, running, yoga and boxing.   I have given up going to the gym as I have been far to bored there to push myself.   I will post more on the foods I am eating and some recipes, my goal is to loose 10kg and I have to do it now as I've just really put myself out there.

I know some people aren't fussed with weight but I do believe that in order to be happy, healthy in mind and body and to live a long life then a certain weight should be maintained. It's so easy to let it all go especially now I'm in my 40's so I've had a big mind shift and focus and I know it will pay off soon.


  1. Well you were brave to post about your addiction Sue. It is really hard to kick those foods when they have a hold on you!

    Don't go down the soft drink aisle in the supermarket! This is where you need to be so, so strong!

    I am overweight, but my main problem is sitting on my backside at work all day long. And of course over winter it just hasn't been the right weather (or light) to walk my dog in the morning or night time.

    But that will all change soon when I have more time in the daytime! Can't wait!

    Keep us all posted.

  2. I will join you with this one Sue. I need to lose 10kg too! ~She says as she finishes eating a chocolate with her cup of tea :\

    I will drag out my Michelle Bridges books again for inspiration. I so dislike Winter, I eat too much crap! Keep on moving that is the secret. I tend to sit too much crafting and computering...I just walk and jog for my exercise, although at nearly 50 my knees hurt when I run. I have a rowing machine, gym thingy, skipping rope and bike, that should do! If you understand calories, set yourself 1200calories a day. 300 for main meals and 150 each for snack. That is how I lost weight (10kg)last summer. This is what Michelle Bridges recommends for weight loss :)

    I feel so uncomfortable right now, my clothes are all too tight, and I dont want it to get worse. Your health is your wealth. Luckily I have no health problems yet...

    Good luck Sue! I look forward to following along with your weight loss journey :)


  3. Go Sue! I've lost a bit over the winter but want to lose a bit more -- plenty of clean eating works for me. Good luck ditching the Coke, I can't drink the stuff at all these days but I know it can be hard.

  4. You go GIRL!! My hubby lost 50 while I toyed with 10 last summer. He has kept his off and my keeps trying to sneak back in. picking 2 forbidden foods, only allowed one day a week, lots of water and at least 20 minutes of exercise (walking) every day made the difference for him. Snacking is huge for me and being! It's true what they say. It takes a lot more work to stay the same as you age! Don't get discouraged. We are cheering you on!

  5. Everyone's body shape is so different - I'd kill to have a waist like yours (I am a straight up and down girl, barrel in the middle) and I wish my butt and legs were a bit bigger to fill out jeans. *sigh*

    I have been going to our WWatchers meeting since last November but have put ON a few kilos over winter. It is in my head all the time to be good with food but I honestly just can't eat real healthy diet food over winter. So a few kilos on isn't too bad but as soon as we get back from our 2 weeks in Tassie, I am on a get fit kick which I hope will include going to a personal trainer (same lady I was going to before) and getting back to healthy, lighter meals, eating lots more fruit and raw vegetables and getting out walking.

    We Can Do It!!!

    Cheers - Joolz


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