Monday, 7 January 2013


I tell you what, if I could put into action all of the thoughts that continuely run around my head about health, fitness etc, I would be one amazing girl.

Last year I swear I woke up nearly every morning thinking something has to change, but there was so much to change that through the course of the day it got too overwhelming and I'd give up.   This year I am concentrating on one change at a time.

 Last week I joined Weight Watchers online again to try and get my weight down before I have to buy bigger clothes.  I feel frumpy, I've had some great ideas about how I was going to lose weight but nothing seems to stick.  I like weight Watchers, I don't like artifical sweetners however so I would rather stick to natural sweetners and have less and I will never go back to fake butter.   I do firmly believe in eating as cleanly as possible and am incorporating my way of eating into their plan and that so far is working out quite well for me.   For me it takes the stress out of planning and eating and as I'm a bit of a control freak (so everyone says) and I plan pretty much everything, I'm perfectly happy to track points and obsess over good food.   I  know I shouldn't be as obsessive about my weight, I don't have a lot to lose but I feel horrible inside and out, I want to love myself a little more and I find it hard to like myself when I'm overweight.   That effects people around me so I need to change.

Exercise will come back to me. At the minute I'm concentrating on eating well and doing minimal exercise.  I love exercise but I'm taking a break as I'm having a few leg issues.

Many of you may know about "one little word". I started having a word 2 years ago, 2011 was vitality, 2012 was calm and 2013 is balance.


  1. Sue, I 'm glad to hear the word balance - I think that is more important than anything else.

    And I have done the WW points a few times and have always incorporated my own food system into it. It works so good luck.

    Try not to get too obsessed with weight - so long as you are also healthy then that is all you can ask for.

  2. I hear you Suejoy, I am also trying to loose the is I put on over Xmas, my incentive is home to NZ in 5 weeks

    I wouldn't worry too much love, you are still a MILF!


  3. Good on you for making a start, I am sure you'll do well at WW online! Eating proper real food is the important key. Our SA Weight Watchers group starts back next week so i need to prepare for the weigh-in! We have started juicing again each morning and I do enjoy that - so much better than commercial crap juices. I tried 2 green juices but do not like silverbeet/kale in them so we are back to orange, apple, celery, carrot and beetroot and it is really enjoyable.
    I need to lose about 3-5 kgs and maintain it - I would be happy with that.

    cHEERS - jOOLZ


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