Sunday, 30 December 2012


Sophie and I did a second picking of apricots I can't quite believe that not only did we plant this tree 2 years ago but last year we were so happy to get 10 apricots from it.   This year there are hundreds, we are in apricot heaven!

We quickly gifted some still warm jam to neighbours and then made up some more rhubarb jam with the stalks my sister gave me this week.

Last night I refreshed my memory on what I could do with the glut and today the dehydrator will come out for fruit leathers and dried apricots, I will also cook some apricot pulp to pop in the freezer for pies in winter.

I'm so happy to have such a thriving tree in our front yard.

(there are still heaps on the tree that should be ripe in another week or so).


  1. I envy you those apricots Sue.

  2. Looking good sue - any jam for us? Wow, I can't believe the difference in that tree from last year to this, are you going to try drying some fruit?

  3. I have the dehydrator on right now Deb.

  4. So lucky Sue! I have tried about 3 apricot trees but I just can't get them to survive! So far our peach tree I planted this year is looking good

  5. Ooh I am slightly green with envy. Apricots are a Christmas treat here in Qld. Lucky you!!

  6. Nothing better than home grown fruit!

  7. Oh wow so jealous, don't grow very well at all in our climate, I will be chomping into all the stone fruit when I get home


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