Sunday, 22 September 2013


What a lovely day we had today and I didn't need any other excuse to get out into the garden and plant some of my wonderful Eden seeds that came last week.

Just a few photos from around our place:

The herb garden is slowly filling up thanks to some awesome people from our Permaculture group that I've been swapping herbs with.

My quince seems to like being espaliered, lots of gorgeous flowers all over it.

While inspecting my plum tree that I've threatened will be chopped out if it doesn't produce this year, I've found that it has indeed got some fruit setting.  It also has a mass of aphids and heaps of these lady beetles on it.  Maybe they are full because they don't seem to be doing their job.  After consulting our Permaculture group once again, it seems they are good lady beetles and should eat the aphids, so I'll just wait and see.

Now back to those seeds.
I was busy pricking out some of these tomato seedlings, I can't believe how many I have this year, I'd say that's because I'm making a conscious effort to water them twice a day in the hothouse, usually I get busy and the trays dry out and then I wonder why I don't get many plants LOL

....and lots more yummy veges are now planted, the wire is over the top to stop our pesky cat Hugo from lying in the trays.

I pulled out the dehydrator for some quick dried chard and broccoli leaves.

 All pulverised up ready to add to casseroles or green smoothies.

That was my day, hope yours went well.

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