Wednesday, 4 September 2013


We have had the most beautiful weather for the beginning of Spring, I've spent most of it out in the garden preparing beds, weeding and sowing seed.

There are trays of seed in the hothouse holding tomatoes, capsicum, basil, eggplant and brassicas.  I've planted dwarf broad beans, sugarsnap and snowpeas and lettuce seed in the raised beds and over in the herb garden I've weeded and thrown down some parsley, chives and oregano seed.

Here's what I picked yesterday and ate for tea, the first of my asparagus and some yummy broccoli.

See my plan of our back garden, this is how I keep account of what has gone where and when.

My seed box, I love my seed box, it will be very full once again when my Eden Seeds order arrives.

What's happening in your Spring garden?

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