Sunday, 12 April 2015


Gosh time seems to fly by lately, I'm now working out of our home more than I would like to but now that Lachie has been selected into the State Cricket Training Team, we need more income to support all of the travel.

I took a little wander to my neglected vege patch today, well not that neglected as we've been picking lots of tasty cucumbers over the last couple of weeks and made some yummy pickles that I can't wait to try.

A couple of weeks ago I worked out that there was no way I was going to have enough tomatoes for sauce this year, so it was off to the farmer's market to buy a box.  My trusty Squeezo made it's annual appearance and now the tomato pulp is sitting in the freezer ready to make sauce this week.

My eggplants are coming along nicely but I'm afraid they may not get any bigger due to the cold weather we are now having, I might cover them tomorrow to try and keep some heat in.

I'm pulling the last of our carrots and totally stuffed up and haven't planted more as yet.

and the last of your very small amount of tomatoes this season.

So that's my life in the garden around here.  I hope it's nice enough weather for a bit of a tidy up in the patch tomorrow and some seed planting.

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  1. Hi there Sue,

    Looks like your garden produced pretty well this Summer. I love your "Squeezo", bet it is a real time saver.

    My garden is having a makeover as I have recently discovered tree roots invading my veggie beds. I have decided to pull the beds up and add blue barrels instead to grow veggies in. I will add the wicking system to the barrels and hopefully save water. No wonder my beds were so thirsty all the time...the trees nearby look really good though!

    I am not blogging as much these days, so I don't get to visit here very often.

    Hope you are keeping well,



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