Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This is my reward that I bought myself for a few reasons. The first is getting rid of 5 pesky kgs that had crept on last year while I wasn't looking and keeping them off, the second is taking up my study and really focusing on what I want to do with it and the third reason is because I deserve it.
Rewards are a great incentive to work at your goals, I don't reward myself often but when I decide to it's great incouragement to reach my goals.
I have been eyeing off this handmade necklace since Christmas and I am so excited to finally be getting one. Canela from Cinnamon Sticks makes the most gorgeous jewelry I've seen in a while, I don't usually wear jewelry but I wanted this as soon as I saw it. So do yourself a favour and take a look at her shop here

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  1. great necklace, I love the understated feeling and the bird and the word soar.


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