Saturday, 2 May 2009


Do you have a Farmer's Market near you? If you do, you really should check it out. I love to shop locally and with the goods coming straight from the farmer, they are cheaper and fresher.

I mentioned in my opening post that I like to shop organically so apart from growing my own, the farmer's markets are the next best thing.

We are now on an even stricter budget due to this economic crisis, so buying produce this way certainly helps my wallet.

The above photo shows what I purchased this morning.
5kg potatoes
1.5kg onions
1/2 queensland blue pumpkin
1kg chestnuts
1 bag walnuts
2 punnets seedings

All for the princely sum of $17.50

Try and do that at the supermarket.

It's all fresh with nothing sprayed. I can't wait to roast chestnuts with the kids tonight.

So go on check out a market and think of the yummy fresh produce you'll be eating.

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  1. Great Sue-for some reason our farmer's markets are way more expensive than supermarkets


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