Friday, 15 May 2009


Okay, so I have been a bit bad lately. The last 3 weeks have been insane, I've been working on the nights that karate is on, so no exercise there. It's been really bad weather and my mountain gets pretty slippery when it rains so much, so no exercise there. My punching bag set up is out the back of our house with a tarp over it to stop the rain, so no exercise there either.
Are you seeing a pattern here?
I know damn well I could be doing exercise inside, I have Body Balance DVD's as I was an instructor, I have free weights that I can lift, I can do a heap of lunges or push-ups or sit-ups. I have high ceiling, I could even skip inside.
Time to stop with the excuses and do something about it.

I notice that when I stop doing something I'm passionate about, I lose focus in other areas. I haven't been eating as well as I want to and am feeling the effects within and on the scales. Not that I am overweight but being nearly 39, I do know that my body isn't what it used to be and I love to feel healthy and vibrant inside and out.

So, today is the day, not tomorrow, TODAY!!!

I'm getting back on track and giving things a little more thought, how about you?


  1. yep.
    I find excuses.
    Nope. It won't be today that I change.
    and since I am OVER 40 I see a HUGE change in my body, even from 39. That was 4 years ago. Need to make a change. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Lisa Dawn

  2. I just found your blog by down to earth blog. I can certainly identify with you on the working out, excuses, healthy eating. Take it from me at 56... keep up the work. I was thin until around 38.. that is when I first started noticing my weight creeping up. I probably weigh 50 lbs more than I did then. I am not saying I need to lose that much. When you get older, you can't weigh what you did then or you will look haggard.. but I could lose about 35. I continue to workout and try to eat healthy. But when you get older, you have to work harder on your diet.. especially portion control. I am enjoying reading your blog. Stop by mine.


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