Saturday, 19 September 2009


As you probably know if you read my blog, I try to buy organic and local wherever possible.
I didn't succeed on either account today with my market shopping. There is very little local produce available at our markets at the moment so I had to buy from a supplier that came from about 300km away.
The produce is still picked fresh but as it is not organic I wash any fruit and vegetables in an organic wash.

I'm not sure how much your produce costs in the stores where you live, but ours can get quite pricey down here.
So here is the good news, this is what I picked up for $15.50.

2kg Pink Lady Apples
5kg oranges (I love to juice)
1kg brown onions
1kg bananas (just right for banana cake)
1kg tomatoes

It is so worth it to get to these markets if you can, oh, and the re-purposed bags I made last night (blogged at my other blog) worked perfectly. I think I'll make some more today.
Have a great weekend

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