Friday, 11 September 2009


and I had to respond.

After having 2 weeks off any real exercise due to a corked thigh from karate, I was desperate to run up my mountains.

What a beautiful spring day up there, well expect for the gale force winds which are really bad now that the council in all it's wisdom chopped down all of the trees. Don't get me wrong, I think the pine trees whould have gone years ago and native trees planted in their place, but they took the lot native and all and have not re-planted. It's so sad as it really is a beautiful natural area.

The beautiful native birds were out as were the flowers and the butterflies and so were the swooping magpies protecting their nests and the swarms of bees. All in all a great run.

My heart-rate watch stopped working so I have nothing to record there and I did the 4.2km in 49 minutes. Pretty slow for me but I did walk a bit and continually stretched my quad. Towards the end my leg was starting to hurt but I think the physio wrap kept any further injury at bay.

I'm certainly feeling energized now and must go and get ready for work.

Thanks for coming and reading :)

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