Sunday, 11 October 2009


When Darren woke this fine Sunday morning he was told "about time, I'm going for a run". So he had the kids and me and my ipod were on our way.
I didn't feel like doing the usual run, so I took an old track I hadn't done for a few years. I'm not sure how far this track was and I don't know what my heart-rate etc was as my faithful workout watch isn't working grrrrrr. (not so faithful it seems).
This track is gorgeous, it's one of the many craters around here and as I was running, I realised it looked very much like Bella and Edward's special place in the woods. Sorry if you are a non Twilight fan, you won't get it at all.
I forgot how amazing this place was and I ended up running it twice and taking a detour on an overgrown path up the side of the crater just for something a little different, which I might add, led me to my usual mountain climb path.
So, me and my ipod had a very invigorating run, then I came home and the kids wanted to take Heidi for a walk, so off to the shower and a change of clothes and off we went again.

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