Saturday, 24 October 2009


First up I received an email from a friend who asked me to come along to a meeting for a group that was about to be formed about gardening and sustainable living. It was great to meet like minded people and we will be meeting at each other's homes once a month and maybe help out with a project they may have going on.

In other news, the sun was shining and it was time to finally build the chook yard, I will be clearing out the shed tomorrow and then I just have to wait for my chook lady to get back to me so I can get my babies.

I did some planting this afternoon, I put in jap pumpkin, zucchini, basil and capsicum. I'm in need of my other 3 round raised beds now, come on Darren, move your butt!! LOL.

I also shifted my compost bin as it would be in the chook yard if I left it where it was and we worked out a better system for the berries. Hoefully they will like where they are now and will produce lots of fruit.

I'm making soap tomorrow, that should be fun.

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