Saturday, 17 October 2009


I have been pretty ill over the last few days, two weeks ago I went to the dentist with a huge infection in my gum, after being on antibiotics and numerous other drugs for these last two weeks the infection hadn't cleared up then on Thursday I saw another dentist (I wasn't thrilled with the first one) and it was decided that one of my back teeth had to come out.
I don't cope very well with anaesthetic so with having that and swallowing blood for two days and being back on pain-killers etc, I have been really sick.
I never sleep during the day and it seems that is all I have been doing, I'm still in pain and extremely nauseous from the drugs. Drugs and me just don't mix but unfortunately I need them at the moment.
So that brings me to what I am eating. I would rather not eat at all but some of the drugs require a full stomach, so I have been living on mushy weetbix and minestrone soup.
Tonight however my SIL made me from scratch ricotta and spinach ravioli with a fresh tomato, basil and garlic sauce.
It was amazing and mushy enough for me not to have to chew very much. Thank you Michele. I really want a pasta machine now and she said she would get me one for Christmas, yummy fresh pasta, mmm can't wait.

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  1. I am so happy that you had someone to help take care of you when you were feeling so crappy. The food sounds delicious!


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