Monday, 8 March 2010


The tomatoes and chillies ready to go into the dehydrator.

all done

We made home made pizza for dinner tonight, please excuse the shape we like to go free-form.


  1. Yum! We had homemade pizza tonight for dinner, too. So very good. I can hardly wait for our fresh peppers and tomatoes to be ready. It'll be a few months yet. I'm starting seeds this week. :) Melissa

  2. It looks great. I used to make dough for pizza a few years ago and we loved it. Makes me want to start making it again.
    I love how you dehydrated the tomatoes. such a good idea.

  3. please can you tell me how long your tomatoes were dehydrating for I am fairly new to dehydraying and would love some tips. Also, what will you use them for in the future. Thanks, Lisa.xx

  4. Sue, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I looked up these fitness authors you have on your blog. I did P90X back in the fall. I retired in December, and I have been so undisciplined with my exercise. I have been getting alot of projects done here at my house- decluttering, helped my mother move to independent living. Got my attic all cleaned out, painted the kitchen cabinets at our camphouse. But I need to focus back on my fitness. I love your blog. The pizza looks great. It is almost 10:30 p.m. in deep east Texas, and it now I am hungry before going to bed!!!


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