Friday, 19 March 2010


For years I have been getting my seed from Diggers Club, but after a very poor germination on quite a few of my seeds, I decided to try out Eden Seeds. Their seeds are old traditional open pollinated varieties that are preferably from local sources that are bio-dynamically or organically grown.

My seeds for our winter crops arrived today, time to get planting.

I had a voucher to use up and I really wanted to buy this DVD

I love Costa's enthusiasm and passion for creating a sustainable garden. Plus he's just so down to earth and funny.
The new series aired last night and it looks like he's just getting better and better.


  1. I've enjoyed your last couple of posts. Just wanted to let you know that your pages aren't properly visible in the Chrome browser - they show up as black writing on a black background.

  2. He looks a bit scary on the DVD! It's so nice to see the seeds coming up again after the winter. My windowsills are full of them.

  3. I saw a bit of Costa the other night for the first time and I loved him. you're right - his enthusiasm is wonderful.


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