Monday, 23 May 2011

OH BOY!!!!

What have I done?

Yesterday I made a decision to pull out all of my old recipe magazines, rip out all of the recipes I wanted, glue them to A4 paper and put in a binder. Well that was my intention anyway, of course I had begun this exercise a while back, but wasn't happy with the books I had glued the recipes into, so of course I had to take out all of those as well.
This was my dining table this morning, as you can see I still have quite a bit to do but instead of getting stuck into it this morning, I decided to finally put all of the kids school books in order as they were stacked in our room and lots of other places around the house.
This was our bed this morning, as it is now night time, I have shifted all of the piles into our lounge room, sigh!!!!

These are organising jobs that just seem to get out of hand for me, I mean I've been meaning to do something about the school books for years, Dan is in year 9 at school and I'm only now sorting through his kindy stuff to see what to keep and what to throw. I have purchased a heap of plastic sleeve binders that I am putting some of the school work into for each year and then tossing the rest of the books into the recycling.

I find it very hard to toss out memories but I simply can not keep everything.


  1. I have also kept schoolwork for my girls but am one step ahead of you. I am quite ruthless and only keep good essays, tests, writing, pictures, projects, etc and I use a large envelope for each child and year. Into this goes newsletters if child was mentioned/photographed, school sports ribbons, school photos and reports etc. These envelopes are all together in a large plastic stacker box out in the shed. I have one girl left in Yr12 so I am down to my last envelope. Maybe it's time to open 1995 Kirby Reception/Yr 1 for a blast from the past...


  2. It can be an overwhelming job. I have saved the best of each year as well and tossed the rest. Have fun!!


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