Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It certainly has been a while hasn't it? This past month has gone by so quickly and it's only been this week where I've managed to catch myself up to speed.

I've been feeling completely overwhelmed lately and haven't been able to get on top of anything. But this week I decided to cut back on outside work and am now only working 2 mornings and 1 night a week.

To be able to get up Monday morning, take the kids to school and spend some much needed time in the garden was a blessing. Just what I needed to get my head in the right space. The veges are doing great, we aren't picking anything at the moment unfortunately but everything is growing strong.

I've been spending quite a bit of time sewing, there was so much to catch up on and there is now going to be a winter market in June that I'm preparing for.

Sophie has been asked to do another ballet exam, grade 2 this time, she is so excited and over the moon that she was picked once again. This little girl so desperately wants to become a dance teacher when her class mates all want to be prima ballerinas, it makes me smile that this is what she wants to do, I'm so proud of her.
The boys are well and truely in footy mode, this is Dan's last year in under 14's and he has really stepped up to take on a more senior role. Lachie was promoted at the start of the season to under 12 A's. He's in with he big boys and loving every minute of it.
My cooking has taken an interesting turn as I am now sugar free in my diet. I'm not even missing chocolate!!! Cooking from scratch definately helps keep me in line as most packaged foods have an amazing amount of hidden sugars in them. I'll keep you updated on how this is going.

So this is my life for now, I hope to spend a lot more time in the garden, there's a lot of pruning and weeding to do and just being where I want to be, at home looking after my family.



  1. Good to hear all your news Sue, I hope you'll tell us more about what you are eating now that you are sugar free.

    The kids are doing so well!

    Tell Dan I am still his #1 East Coast fan.

  2. It is nice to see you, things sure sound busy with you and your family. Great news on going sugar free. I don't think I am brave enough to do it.


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