Monday, 1 August 2011


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I really want to try this method for growing my squash this summer. I plan to put up a wire trellis roof from the chook house to the yard fence, this will provide more shade in summer for the chooks as well as provide hanging space for the squash.

We bought in another trailer load of compost soil for the last of the round raised beds yesterday. It has gone right up in price and we got a lot less for our money this time round. Thank goodness this is the last load we have to buy. After work I will barrow it all in from the driveway.

I finally got around to planting out my garlic, I just hope I haven't left it too late. I bought a few bulbs from the nursery to plant and the rest is my garlic from last year's crop. My asparagus thinks it's spring, I have a small crop to cut for dinner tonight.

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  1. Hi Sue...I'm hoping for a similar setup this summer for loofah...I'm going to try planting squash too for the first time....
    Its hard to fill big garden beds, I know, I am having trouble sourcing good soil for growing veg it's a slow process filling my new large garden beds.
    Happy wheelbarrowing.


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