Monday, 22 August 2011


I have to admit I had a few reservations about making a pizza without cheese. I nearly caved, especially when I made the rest of the family the pizza below.

I was really suprised with the taste of my pizza and I have to say, I didn't miss the cheese at all.


  1. Is there a substitute available for cheese, or is it best to just go without?

    My healthy pizza is heated and spread with a bit of garlic, topped with some grilled veggies and with a bit of fetta on it. It would probably taste okay without cheese though, just the veggies don't stay on the pizza very well...

  2. That looks great Sue. I've never had avocado on pizza, must try it one day.

    @ Tania, there are cheese substitues available, however they are soy based and more processed that I would care to eat.

  3. Hi Sue - yes, I too would rather pay more for fresh produce than processed.
    A lady in town is in the throes of holding an 'expression of interest' meeting to start a SA Weight Watchers group here. I said I would be happy to help her. Mainly a healthy eating group, sharing recipes and tips for cooking real food (using some of Annette Sym's recipes as well as WW). It would be great if we could get a walking group happening too!
    I stared into my pantry yesterday and I have decided that I must stop with all the processed stuff. Have you noticed your children are more calm, better behaved because of less sugar and preservatives? I bet they are.
    My problem is I only have one child home so if I cook something, someone has to help her eat it (slice/cake/muesli bars)!

  4. Oh Sue, well done! I've never done pizza without cheese but that looks tempting.

  5. It looks wonderful.

  6. Ohhh brave, I don't know if I could forgo the cheese. I understand your initial hesitation.

  7. Hi Sue,

    I'm doing Heather's 30 Day Vegan Workshop too and pizza is one of the things I've really been craving. I made pizza for my family the other night (I must have been crazy) and it was so hard not to have a slice. Would you be able to share how you made yours? As Tania said in a previous comment, how do you get the veggies to stay on?



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