Thursday, 8 September 2011


For those who know me, I stick to a pretty tight budget. Not only do I enjoy keeping our finances on track but I believe that a good budget is essential.
When it comes to food I love a bargain as much as the next person, but lets face facts, to get that bargain who is it hurting? I could talk about fresh produce and the pathetic amount farmers are paid for their goods and how supermarkets hold them to ransom but I'm pretty sure most readers know that already. What I really want to say is that we should be paying more for good quality, nutritious, fresh food. It should be put in the budget as a priority and cut out some of the not so neccessary things on there.

Some people complain that eating healthy is far too expensive, really? Look at all of the health issues related to eating a poor diet all of your life, think about how you feel on the inside, not so great I bet. The same people that complain to me still manage to buy new clothes and shoes on a whim, yet just can't see how eating so much processed junk is affecting them and their families.
So where this is leading is, I have decided once again to take on my weekly box of fruit and vegetables from Ecologie Organics. I used to get these boxes delivered but with a lot of health issues with my parents and the travel related to that, I found I was wasting too much food. I am now back on track with cooking everything from scratch and can't wait to get our first box on Friday.

Of course being organic costs more and so it should. I will be suplimenting my delivery with vegetables from our own garden and a weekly trip to our local market to pick up any extras we may need. I find I am spending less time and money in supermarkets, I don't have the need to buy much at all from them as I can get most foods from specialty shops around town. The quality is better and fresher and I am also buying as local as possible.

So think about what you are eating and what you are paying for food, if it's cheap processed junk or even cheap 'fresh produce' from a supermarket someone is paying the price.


  1. This is a great post Sue!

    I dont have as much access to organic as I would like, so I am spending the money and getting my own garden up and growing with all the veggies that we eat here at home...

    You are right about unhealthy diets, I cant believe what people around me eat, even some members of my own family...and if I say something to them about it, they look at me as if I am some weird hippy or something lol!

    All I can say is let them scoff, I know who will be healthier in the long run...

  2. I loved this post! It's so true, but unfortunately those that NEED to heed this info so rarely do.
    Hubby Don and I go weekly to the local farmer's market for fruits that we do not grow and I find it to be a bargain. We always joke how ridiculous it is for folks to say it is too expensive to eat healthy food. I really believe a lot of times it's laziness. It takes a bit more to prepare healthy food-it's much easier to go to McDonalds.(UGH!)

  3. I found that when I got the box I was a real pain in the bum to the poor sellers. I grow a lot of my own stuff so was constantly saying none of this or that. I do like the convenience and knowing its organic. Yes good food should reflect the cost of production - when you grow your own you wonder how some things can be so cheap.

  4. A great post, Sue. It amazes me how many people say they can't afford to eat healthy and how expensive organic food is, but spend a fortune on fast food.

  5. Fantastic post! I wholeheartedly agree. I fondly remember receiving bins of organic produce a long time ago when we lived where such a service existed. Now, we grow our own in summer, but I'd be very happy to use such a service again in winter. Enjoy!


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