Sunday, 15 July 2012


Pancakes - Nigella style
with organic maple syrup
lemon juice (from our home grown lemons)
organic panela (we no longer use sugar in our home)

Chicken stock fresh from the canner.

The second crop of peas are flowering

Sweet little wild strawberries are picked daily

Beetroot are nearly ready to pick and preserve

The bulbs think it's Spring (not sure why, it's freezing) but such a welcome site.

My poor garden bench is a little overgrown, a job for next week.

What is happening around your parts?


  1. I think your bench looks very countryfied with the overgrowth on it...Chicken stock in the preserver, hmm thats an idea. Does it need to be kept in the fridge or would it be okay on the pantry shelf?

    Your garden is looking wonderful Sue...not long and the days will warm up nicely...should be in the next two weeks or so :)

    Love home made pancakes, we too have ours with maple syrup and lemon with a sprinkle of naughty sugar...

  2. That looks wonderful. Pancakes...mmmmm, I love them and yours look very delicious.
    Here in The Netherlands we eat them as dinner too and we make pancakes with meat filling and veggies too.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Tania, the stock is made in a canner not a fowlers vacola as it needs to reach a higher temperature for meats etc. I then store it in the pantry.


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