Monday, 9 July 2012


Over the last week I've been battling nausea with a mild case of gastro. I've felt terrible and haven't been outdoors at all.

This morning after a lovely sleep-in, I never sleep in, I woke and headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea and a chat to the kids then decided this was morning to get some fresh air.

I put on some old clothes and armed with my gloves and a wheelbarrow I tackled the overgrown with weeds native area in our front yard. With that job completed, I started on the strawberry and rhubarb patches, then the rain came down. I headed up to the vege patch and continued to weed in the rain, it felt so good to be outside that it wasn't until I had finished that I realised that I was soaked and freezing. This little outing in our garden was just what I needed, it was truely good for my soul.

After a lovely warm shower and some dry clothes I started with the inside jobs with a smile on my face.

 I went to the post office in the afternoon to find a package waiting for me, it was from Lark over at Daylesford, they had a huge sale a couple of weeks back and I bought some goodies for our kitchen.

What a nice day I've had and I'm not feeling like throwing up any more.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better now Sue. Hope you continue to pick up.


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