Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I needed to make up 2 lots of chicken stock today. I had 2 carcasses in the freezer and decided to have a little experiment. One carcass went into the stock pot and 1 into the pressure cooker. Obviously the pressure cooker was going to have the job done a lot quicker but what I was interested in was the difference of flavour.

Well the dury is back and the pressure cooker wins hands down. I ended up mixing the 2 pots together and will can them tomorrow. I have found when canning, the flavour intensifies again so I think this will be my best batch to date.

Tonight for dinner I used some of my yummy stock for the base of chicken noodle soup. Because the stock is so full of flavour, I just added some cooked shredded chicken, rice noodles and parsley. I let it simmer for 15 minutes and it was done, this will definately be my go-to meal when I'm not feeling 100%.

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  1. MMMMmmmmmm! I LOVE homemade chicken soup. I can smell that from here!!!

    Thank you for posting your findings. I've been wondering if it's worth getting a pressure cooker or not. I think you've convinced me that it's worth it. :)



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