Monday, 21 December 2009


Okay, I've finally made up my mind to keep this blog going. When I decided to condense both blogs into 1 last month I was under a great deal of stress time wise, but now I'm feeling much more in control and I have decided that the 2 blogs are better kept apart.
So if anyone is still even visiting, I'm back.

Now onto some important business......
Worm farms.
My existing worm farm just doesn't cut it, it's 2 layered which is a pain to get the castings out and it doesn't have a tap, just a drainage pipe into a bucket. This is not ideal considering it is in with the chooks and they knock over the bucket. It dries out much too quickly also.
The solution...

with 4 big layers and a tap I'll be set. I will be getting this beauty along with 4000 beautiful worms after we return from our annual holiday in Robe in January.

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  1. hi There, as a fellow owner of can-o-worms I would suggest getting the smaller amout of worms, about 1000, they breed rapidly. Every now and then i list worms on my local freecycle and am always amazed at the number of responses I get. I bet if you were to ask on your local freecycle you could probably get some too.


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