Saturday, 2 January 2010


This tutorial was originally written by myself for the Down To Earth forum.

Level of expertise: Beginner
These bags are designed to put your fruit, vegetables or nuts etc in when visiting the grocery store.
They are kept lightweight and see-through so as not to add to the weight of your produce and so the checkout operator can see what is in them without opening each bag.

You will need:
netting or old net curtains
lightweight cord or shoelaces
safety pin
general sewing supplies
sewing machine

This tutorial is for a large bag, feel free to change the size to suit.

Lets begin....

Cut a piece of netting 29" x 11" and fold the length in half, your measurement will now be 14 1/2" x 11".
Pin the 2 sides (the fabric is slippery).

Sew along the sides in a zigzag stitch for strength.

On one of the top edges sew 2 lines about 1" long from the top edge going down to the centre of the bag.
Cut a small slit in-between these lines of sewing.

Fold the top edge over 1/2" and pin.

Sew along the raw edge in a zigzag stitch to create a pocket to thread the drawstring.

Turn your bag the right way out.
Thread your cord through a safety pin then push the pin through the slit and into the pocket at the top edge of your bag.

Work your way around the bag until you come to the slit again, then push the pin through, take off the pin and cut your cord to the desired length.
If necessary tape the ends of the cord to stop fraying.

Tie the 2 ends of your cord together and you are finished.

Here are 2 of my bags, 1 large and one small.
I use the smaller bags for nuts, dried fruits etc.
The measurement for cutting fabric for the small bag is 16" x 7 1/2".

These bags are quick and easy to make, have fun and know that you are doing one more thing to tread a little more lightly on this earth.


  1. Absolute awesome idea! Most times I try not to even take the plastic bags for fruit and veg, I think I'll go a buy some funky coloured netting and make some. You do come up with the best ideas:) xx

  2. might have to make some of these - I usually have my fruit and veg loose in the bottom of the basket /trolley

  3. Another awesome idea Sue .... may have to have a go. Thank you for sharing.
    Manola xo

  4. Love it! Will definitely do this!

    Can I link to this tutorial from my blog? I'd love to share this with everyone!


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