Wednesday, 27 January 2010


My gardening journal this year is taking a different turn. Instead of just journaling, I have decided to turn it into an art journal of sorts. Here are some of the week to week pages I have been working on.

I have finally made a firm decision not to go back to karate. I love Kyokushin but I no longer want to grade for a higher belt I only want to go for fitness and as that is not possible in this style, I will no longer be participating.

I will however still be going to kickboxing, this has always been my passion and now I will not be working Tuesday nights, I am free to attend.

In other news, he chooks keep getting into my pumpkins, asparagus and herbs grrrrrr. I really need to put up some fences. They have started laying though, so we're very excited about that.

My plan to not use "convenience foods" for school snacks has started well with a big baking day yesterday. I made muffins, sausage rolls, slices and biscuits and the kids were sent to their first day at school with an assortment of yummy homemade snacks, fruit and salad wraps for lunch.

I also purchased new lunch boxes for them with different compartments to keep foods seperate, therefore not needing any plastic wrap. I am really trying to reduce our consumption of plastics and this is a start.

Sophie now has a stainless steel water bottle for school, the boys bottles are coming when I have some extra cash.


  1. as I said in your other blog, I love your journal. The colours and drawings really make it special.
    Have a great time at kick boxing and it's great that you will be able to make classes, doing something you love. New eggs, how wonderful! Lunch boxes with separate compartments are used here all the time, though most people use cute little paper cups to further keep foods away from each other. We use water bottles here all the time, for myself as well, and it has saved me heaps of money as well as not adding more plastic drink bottles to the recycle system that still adds heaps of toxins into the air.... Sounds like you are doing a great job Sue. Do you make lunches for the kids everyday? I think I am pretty lucky here, the school provides lunches for the kids. Not a bunch of fried food either. I know how you feel about convenience foods.I am sure the kids loved the lunch you made, sounded yummy.
    well take care Sue. Maybe chat sometime over at flickr. You've been pretty busy this year it seems, spending less time on the net I imagine and doing more productive things.


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